The Magic of Purple Sapphires: A Hidden Gem

When we think about sapphires, we often picture a sparkling blue stone. But did you know sapphires come in a magical shade of purple too? Purple sapphires are like the secret treasures in the world of gemstones.

These sapphires are made of the same stuff as blue sapphires (a mineral called corundum), but they have an extra special ingredient. Tiny bits of other minerals, like vanadium or chromium, get mixed in when the sapphire is forming. These bits change how the sapphire looks when light shines on it, making it look purple!

Every purple sapphire is unique; some are light and lavender, others are more akin to a deep plum. They’re hardy and perfect for any piece of jewellery, much like diamonds but here's the best part: even though purple sapphires are pretty rare, they're often more affordable than blue sapphires.

Now, let's step back in time and explore the exciting history of purple sapphires. Since ancient times, many cultures have treasured these gems. In ancient Rome, for example, purple was the colour of nobility, so purple gems like sapphires were highly valued.

This tradition of royal purple has continued to our modern-day monarchs. Queen Elizabeth II wore a brooch that is one of the most well-known purple sapphire pieces. The brooch showcases how royal and regal purple sapphires can be by encircling a sizeable purple sapphire with diamonds. Other royals, like those in Thailand, which is a top source of sapphires, have also used purple sapphires in their royal jewellery.

So why not add a bit of purple magic to your jewellery collection? With a purple sapphire, you'll have a unique piece that stands out, just like you! Plus, you'll be part of a long history that includes everything from ancient nobles to modern queens. That's the magic of purple sapphires!