Salt and Pepper diamonds are the rebels of the gemstone world. Breaking all the rules of traditional jewellery, they’re quickly becoming a popular choice for alternative engagement rings.

These unique beauties feature a mix of black and white inclusions, making each diamond totally one-of-a-kind. When compared to white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds pack a punch, boasting beauty, durability and value


Inclusions are tiny imperfections. They dance gracefully throughout salt and pepper diamonds and are natural occurrences within their crystal structure. 

Captured within the stone billions of years ago, these unique ‘birthmarks' are completely enclosed within the diamond, and some instances can extend into the stone from the middle. 

Inclusions occur in lots of shapes, sizes and colours, resulting in countless diamond options for you to choose from.

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Salt and pepper diamonds contain different kinds of imperfections such as; wisps, clouds, feathers, specs and lots more. 

Traditionally inclusions are grey, black or white, but they can include colours such as red and orange. 

Some inclusions can look celestial and almost galaxy like, whilst others look like peppercorns or dalmatian spots. The beauty of these diamonds is that no two are ever the same, making each ring set with a salt and pepper diamond totally unique.

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Yes, and no. A salt and pepper diamond’s value varies hugely, thanks to the variety and intensity of inclusions. Whereas white diamonds are valued on a lack of inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds are more sought after when they are heavily included.

On the whole, a salt and pepper diamond offers brilliance, personality and strength without the price tag of a white diamond. 

As a rule of a thumb, the more distinctions within the inclusions, the more valuable a salt and pepper diamond will be.

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Inclusions are made up of different minerals trapped within the diamond. It’s important to remember that they’re trapped within one of the strongest materials in the world, so they’re very stable. 

Sometimes inclusions reach the surface of a diamond and can be felt and seen within the finished piece. When evaluating these diamonds, we ensure that any surface reaching inclusions are stable and do not span more than two facets. 

Although most salt and pepper diamonds could be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, we advise using a soft baby’s toothbrush and washing up liquid instead.  

Salt and pepper diamonds are unique beauties, with the biggest personalities in the business. No two are the same, adding to their special stand out attitude in the diamond world. Contact our design team to speak more about our bespoke service and what we can offer you from the salt and pepper world.

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