We all need a little TLC from time to time and our jewellery is no different!

Fine jewellery, particularly wedding and engagement rings, are pieces that we wear daily. They are exposed to a range of elements like pollution, soap, water and perfume  which can cause them to get dirty and lose their shine. Over time, this can result in skin irritation, allergies and discolouration of the metals. Excess dirt and debris can, in rare cases, lead to gemstones getting scratched.

We recommend that, in order to keep your jewellery looking as good as can be, you ensure to clean them thoroughly once a month and bring them in every six months for a professional clean. 

And we have just the tools! Treat your precious pieces to the ultimate spa day with our R + R + R menu of luxurious, rejuvenating treatments.



Treat your jewellery to an at home pamper night with our Revitalising Cleaning Bundle!

Keeping your pieces clean is an important part of jewellery care and this kit provides you with the perfect recipe. A gold and platinum polishing cloth, jewellery cleaning spray and a jewellery cleaning wand are just the ingredients you need to breathe new life back into your favourites - making them as sparkly as the day you first got them!

Not in need of the whole bundle? No problem! You can buy each product separately too.




Send your jewellery on its very own spa break to be pampered and returned to you as good as new!

Our Refresh service includes a thorough clean, polish and rhodium plate (if your piece is white gold), alongside a full inspection by our master jeweller. This will allow them to make recommendations for any further treatments your piece may need.



Fine jewellery may be made to last but it can become damaged from time to time. Not to worry, our team of experienced bench jewellers can assess your piece and recommend the best course of action.

Whether you need the claws on your ring to be re-tipped to strengthen them, a diamond or gemstone sourcing or replacing, or a clasp to be repaired. Simply send us your jewellery and we'll see what we can do!