Here at Jessica Flinn, we love sapphires! We work with sapphires from all over the world, in many different colours – yes, they really do come in lots of different colours, from classic blue to pinks, teal and even fiery orange!

You'll see sapphires feature in a lot of our ring designs, and we source them from lots of different countries. From Sri Lanka and Australia, to the USA, we work with a network of trusted and ethical suppliers, so we can bring you the most beautiful colours and cuts on the market.

sapphires are from the mineral corundum

Sapphires are part of a mineral family called Corundum, and are mined around the world in countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Eastern Australia and the USA. Sapphires are found in many, many different colours such as the traditional and well known blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow. Red rubies are part of the same family of minerals, but don't be fooled into thinking they're merely red sapphires - they also include an element called 'chromium', which gives them their deep red colour.

perfect every day rings

Unlike other gemstones, such as aquamarines or emeralds, sapphires are considered one of the strongest gemstones, and rank at number 9 on the MOHS scale, just one point below diamonds at 10. This means they make perfect everyday rings, and can be worn with ease. Although they're not immune to damage, they are less likely to be scratched, scuffed or broken than softer alternatives.

popular in the 70s

A gemstone specialist visited us recently with some Ceylon sapphires and told Jess that she's the first person who's been interested in the stones recently... because they used to be popular 50 years ago! 

Not one to follow trends, Jess purchased some Ceylon sapphires and they've since been set in some of our most popular designs. It seems you guys love them just as much as we do, and it's easy to see why... 

sapphires feature slight inclusions

Inclusions are very common within sapphires and can often be seen with the naked eye. In fact, clear sapphires with no visible inclusions are very rare and expensive. Gemologists use the unique inclusions of a sapphire to tell whether or not it is authentic, or another type of stone entirely. 

These tell tale inclusions can make sapphires appear dark and stormy, and give them more personality as no two will ever be the same. 

sapphires are heavy stones

Sapphires are heavier stones than diamonds. This means a one carat sapphire will be smaller than a one carat diamond of the same cut. A one carat round brilliant cut sapphire will be typically be just over 6mm in size. 

sapphires can be heat treated

Heat treating is a common practice in preparing sapphires, but we must be clear that this doesn't give the gemstone an artificial colour. Quite the opposite, intense heat is used to intensify the natural colour of the stone and bring to life the colour that's already there. Where possible we tell you whether or not a sapphire has been heat treated in the description of our rings. 

which sapphire ring should i choose?

If you know a sapphire ring is the one for you, we have many different designs for you to fall head over heels in love with. Whether you'd like a traditional blue Ceylon sapphire, a dark and stormy Montana sapphire straight from the USA, or something a bit different like our pink oval Amelia with diamond set shoulders, we have something for you.