[ yoo-fawr-ee-uh ]
a feeling or state of intense happiness and excitement

The latest collection from Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery is all about happiness, for anyone and everyone. A selection of jewellery designed to challenge the traditional binary norms at a time when gender roles are being confronted across the fashion world and beyond. We're here to champion love, promise, commitment and celebration with an everlasting piece of art. In 2023, even removing labels creates labels. So, whether you want to refer to our sparkly accessories as 'jewellery-for-all', 'gender neutral', 'androgynous', 'unisex', 'genderqueer' or other, we'll just call them our Euphoria Collection.

Junior Designer, Emma Fathers: “For this collection, it was important to collaborate with the whole JF team as our key creative inspiration was happiness for everyone - where everything's allowed and love comes first. Our Euphoria pieces are a bold statement of inclusivity and endurance, forever til the end of time...”

We wanted this collection to be without limits - which is why you can customise each ring to suit your style. Love Max but you're not an orange person? Choose a salt and pepper diamond! Is Drew tickling your fancy but hexagons are just not your style? Go for a round brilliant cut or an oval! The world is your oyster, so be sure the choose the gemstone and metal combination that you love.

We would love this collection to be seen by as many people as possible, as we LOVE the fact that this collection is a little bit different to what we've done before. For that reason, you might see this collection referred to under different descriptions - genderless collection, mens engagement rings, gender fluid collection. By including lots of different terms, we're hoping this epic collection will be seen by many, and expand peoples ideas around what an engagement or commitment ring could and should be! These gorgeous numbers would also be the perfect 'treat yourself' present *wink wink*

Meet our new euphoria-inducing rings below...