adventures of the jessica flinn data nerds

Not your average Engagement Ring Trend Report

This is Natasha, our wonderful Purchasing and Procurement Executive. She's been working hard* looking at our internal data from the last year and the first half of 2023, to determine which gemstones, shapes, and colours our customers loved in 2022, and what this has meant for your ring choices in 2023.

*No humans were harmed in the making of this report

let's talk about 2022...

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far in one piece! 2022 was... a lot. We're still hearing the dreaded 'C' word now and again, No. 10 signed a contract to have a revolving door fitted, we lost our most fashionable monarch Queen Liz, and to top it all off we're having a cost of living crisis (or "cozzie livs" as the youths are calling it) 😅

But lets address the question that's on all of our minds - what does this mean for engagement ring trends?

In this report we take a look at all things engagement ring, and delve into the data to find out exactly what makes our customers tick. Which designs do our customers love? And how are people choosing to spend their hard earned money? By looking back at the trends of 2022, we'll see whether these trends have made their way into 2023.

how much did people spend in 2022?

The financial pressure was real in 2022, with higher costs affecting the majority of people in the UK. But how did this affect our spending habits and budgets when it comes to engagement rings?

We found that average spend varied between those who purchased from our Ready to Wear collection, and those who chose a bespoke or customised engagement ring. On average, bespoke and custom engagement ring budgets fall in the £2500-£3000 price range, which stayed consistent throughout the year. In contrast, average spend for our Ready to Wear pieces saw a slight decrease from around £2500 to closer to £2000 by the end of the year.

As a result of our findings, during 2022 and into 2023, we've made a conscious effort to make sure we always offer beautiful engagement and wedding rings to suit any budget. We've introduced new gemstones and designs, lab grown diamond options as standard, and expanded our metal options in our Ready to Wear collections to make sure no matter what your financial situation, you can find a stunning ring that won't break the bank.

Our Ready to Wear engagement rings range from around £1200 up to £8000, and our design team utilises different designs, gemstones and metals to ensure our customers are always catered for with a wide variety of options.

Although on average our bespoke and custom engagement ring customers spend around £500 more, we strive to help you create your dream ring no matter your budget. Choose from 9ct, 14ct or 18ct recycled gold or platinum, incorporate lab grown or mined diamond side stones, and a wide selection of gemstones hand picked by our expert designers.

Now, enough about money, let's move onto talking about all things gemstones!

the lab grown diamond takeover

Here at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, our love affair with lab grown diamonds started way back in 2020, and we're in it for the long haul. These beauties offer the chance to achieve the bedazzling look of natural Earth-grow diamonds, but with a fraction of the price tag. As an example, our timeless Sophia solitaire design set with a 1.20ct round brilliant cut lab grown diamond costs in the region of £3500-£4000. Opt for a mined diamond, and you'd be looking at paying around 4 times the price for a stone of the same size and specifications! The reason so many of our customers are choosing lab grown diamonds is that you can be really clever with how you spend your money. Top colour and clarity graded mined diamonds are notoriously rare, and their price tag shows it! Lab grown diamonds are much easier to produce with high colour and clarity gradings, so you're really making the most of your money. And who wouldn't love a show-stopping ring that doesn't break the bank?!

Our customers have really embraced lab grown diamonds too, and it shows in our data. Between 2021 and 2022, lab grown diamond ring purchases increased by a whopping 450%! We also saw more customers choosing these stones in the Winter months, between October and December in particular. And it's no wonder, the dazzling facets of a lab grown diamond take you straight into a Winter wonderland.

most popular month for engagement ring buying

In 2022, everyone went engagement ring crazy in June! It's not surprising to see, with holidays back in full swing last year, it's no wonder everyone wanted to propose on the beach getaway they'd been waiting two years for.

The rest of the year shows consistent engagement ring purchases, which we love to see! People are celebrating their love and popping the question all year round!

Will we see the same pattern this year, we'll have to wait until June to find out!

and 'most popular ring style' goes to...

**Round of applause**

While spending habits differ between our Ready to Wear and Bespoke and Custom engagement ring customers, it seems their taste in ring style is very much the same. Our most popular ring style overall is the stunning halo design, accounting for around 30% of all ring designs chosen in 2022. This is followed closely by the classic trilogy ring, which was chosen 25% of the time, with Art Deco style settings coming in at around 20%. All other styles such as multi-stone, solitaire and asymmetric designs make up the remaining 25%.

The halo ring has always been a popular choice for our customers, and it's no surprise to us! The halo accentuates the beauty of the ring's centre stone, and offers the same impact as a larger centre stone, but without the price tag. It's also a great way to better protect your centre stone from the inevitable bumps and bruises our rings go through over the years.

Here at Jessica Flinn we like to do halos a bit differently! Winter (TL), Ariana (TR), Lottie (BL) and Charlotte (BR) are just a few of our signature halo designs that are favourites with our customers, ready to wear and custom alike! Winter has a traditional halo that perfectly nestles around her centre stone, and you have Ariana with a double crown fit for a queen!

Lottie is sporting an asymmetric, graduated halo that accentuates her gorgeous salt and pepper diamond, and Charlotte has a hugging halo tucked under her centre stone to really make it the star of the show!

Our second and third place spots being trilogy and Art Deco designs are also a no brainer! Our best-selling Callie, Millie and Natalia trilogy designs are popular for both our ready to wear and customised rings, and it's no wonder. They're suitable for most budgets, and are super versatile, whilst maintaining a classic, timeless look. Customise your centre stone, claw placement, or even the side stones to make your design truly unique!

Art Deco designs are one of our many true loves, and it's clear that our customers feel the same way. You'll see a nod to the roaring 20's in our Grace, Arden and Ophelia designs, where they're rocking the geometric symmetry that gives us butterflies every time.

The remaining 25% of designs purchased in 2022 consists of stone set shoulders, solitaires, clusters and asymmetric designs. We like to bend the rules here at Jessica Flinn, which might explain why our most popular ring styles don't match the statistics of other jewellers. There's no right or wrong answer - it's all about what's right for you, whether that's a simple yet unique solitaire, or a fancy shaped bobby-dazzler halo!

Look for an engagement ring that makes your heart skip a beat, and is as unique as you are.

shapes for days

When it comes to centre stone shape, 2022 was the year of the round! One third of all Jessica Flinn rings had round cut centre stones and it's easy to see why. Long considered a classic cut, particularly the round brilliant, with delicately engineered facets and a simple symmetry, these rings truly sparkle and shine. From a design perspective, they're also extremely versatile and look good in almost any setting! The range of gemstones available in this cut is extensive, which might explain why rounds cuts came out on top.

In joint second we have Emerald/Octogon Cut and the increasingly popular Pear Cut. The rectangular shape of the Emerald Cut gives a stunning elongated look, and goes hand in hand with Art Deco designs. Pear shaped stones are also a great choice for an elongated look, and have become increasingly popular, being seen on the hands of celebs such as Megan Fox.

Following swiftly behind is the Oval Cut, and we're not surprised that this shape is rising up the ranks! Seen on the hands of Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, it seems the Oval Cut is here to stay.

Next up (and we're so here for this) is the Hexagon Cut! Over 10% of all custom, bespoke and ready to wear rings were set with a hexagon shaped centre stone in 2022, and we love it! Hexagon shaped centre stones give a little bit of extra uniqueness to a design, and provide us with all the geometric and Art Deco goodness!

As lovers of all things unique and just a little bit rebellious, we love to use shapes you don't see on the high street. Kite shapes only account for a small percentage of our designs in 2022, but we'd love to see this increase in 2023. They're a stunning shape and look particularly scrumptious in our Celeste setting.

We also saw a sprinkling of other unusual shapes, including Princess Cut, Trilliant Cut, Cushion Cut, Marquise Cut, Shield Cut and Freeform Geometric Cuts. We'd love to see these shapes even more in 2023, and can't wait to see what the year brings.


Alternative and coloured gemstones are our speciality, and our love for them knows no bounds. We design from the centre stone out, so there are really no limits when it comes to gemstones. 

After scrupulously analysing the data, it was no surprise that Sapphires fought their way to first position! Over 40% of our customers opted for a stunning Sapphire, and most of these were tasty teals!

Our most popular Sapphire colour by a country mile is Teal, followed by classic Blue, gorgeous Green and a few violet and pinks for good measure! Sapphires are the perfect choice for those looking for durability and a pop of colour. Their hardness is second only to diamond, and their range of colours is unrivalled.

Following closely behind with exactly 40% of gemstone choices is the one-of-a-kind Salt and Pepper Diamond. Each and every gemstone is truly unique, and you'll never find two the same.

Filled with perfectly imperfect inclusions, Salt and Pepper Diamonds range from dark and stormy, to misty white, to celestial silver and everything in between. Salt and Pepper Diamonds can be both rose cut and brilliant cut, however the majority of the more unusual shapes are rose cut, to really make the most of the stunning inclusions held within the diamond.

If you're looking for something unique that will last a lifetime, then Salt and Pepper Diamonds could be the one for you!

Taking third place is the timeless white diamond. These stunning gemstones are what most people imagine when they picture an engagement ring, but here at Jessica Flinn, our customers are a little bit different! Over 80% of the customers opting for a white diamond chose a lab grown option. We love all diamonds here, whether earth grown or lab grown, but it's clear our customers are conscious about the ethics and sustainability of their gemstone choices.

Lab grown diamonds can also be a more economic alternative to their earth grown counterparts, meaning you can make the most of your budget.

From traditional, timeless solitaire designs to unique cuts and designs, white diamonds are extremely versatile, so it's no wonder our customers continue to choose them for their centre stone choice.

Next up, we have a relatively new gemstone to Jessica Flinn - the Tourmaline.

Tourmalines are available in a vast array of colours, and are a very desirable price point, making them an increasingly popular choice. They are suitable for daily wear with care, and can be found with mesmerising cuts such as our Optix cut.

Other gemstones our customers chose include coloured diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds and morganites!

Here's a little insight into the world of Jessica Flinn gemstones: we see more people choose colourful Sapphires in the Summer when everyone is feeling bright and sunny, and Salt & Pepper Diamonds come out to play in the Winter!

mad for metals

This was an easy one - year in, year out, platinum conquers all. We get a sprinkle of white gold rings every now and again, and we've certainly seen an increase in white gold since the introduction of 14ct gold to our collections! Over 60% of our customers chose platinum or white gold in 2022, and we think this trend will be sticking around into 2023 and beyond.

Platinum in particular is very durable, and the naturally white colour of platinum complements a vast range of gemstone colours and cuts. Unlike white gold, it does not need re-plating to sustain its colour, and is the best metal choice when it comes to being set with gemstones.

Up next is the classic, the timeless - yellow gold. Yellow gold probably springs to mind when you imagine your grandparents wedding rings, so it holds a place in all our hearts as a traditional metal choice. Almost 25% of our customers opted for yellow gold in 2022, and we can only see its popularity growing in 2023. We saw spikes in popularity in the Spring and Winter months of 2022, giving white metals a run for their money! This isn't a surprise - luscious yellow golds look stunning with rich green sapphires, lab grown diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds, and we're loving seeing these combos coming through thick and fast!

Last but not least, around 10% of our customers chose rose gold! Although we have seen a decline in rose gold over the years, it still has a firm place in the jewellery box. Rose gold is the perfect partner for pink and purple gemstones, lab grown diamonds and celestial salt and pepper diamonds, so it's really special when we do get to see a stunning rose gold creation! Very occasionally we also get requests for mixed metal engagement rings, however these are few and far between. Not to say that they don't look absolutely stunning! As much as we love a good curveball every now and again, we don't think we'll see a huge increase in mixed metals in 2023.

let's see how well informed our crystal ball really is...

At the beginning of this year, we predicted that we'd continue to see an increase in lab grown diamonds for both centre stone and side stone choices, and this has definitely been true in 2023! Over 80% of our customers opt for lab grown over earth grown diamonds, and it's easy to see why. Consumers are becoming much more eco-conscious, with lab grown diamonds aligning with these values perfectly. They're also still the more affordable option when it comes to white diamonds, which is still a major consideration for most nearlyweds!

When it comes to style, halo, trilogy and Art Deco styles are still top, but we've had some surprising changes in the trends we're seeing so far this year. Firstly, trilogy designs have beat halo rings to the top spot! We're also seeing a competitive streak from stunning solitaire designs, with solitaires making up 1 in 10 of our customers design choices so far this year. Could this be down to all the celebs getting engaged with timeless solitaire rings over the last year? We're intrigued to see if this trend keeps going!

We're also seeing a significant increase in designs such as Henrietta, meaning the cluster ring is rising in the ranks! Cluster designs have increased year on year by almost 10%, do we see a dark horse joining the race?

Next up, we predicted that the Toi et Moi ring would be making its mark in 2023. So far, we've seen an increase in bespoke enquiries for our gorgeous Juno ring, launched at the end of May 2023. The world hasn't had very long to process all the stunning rings in our Dopamine collection just yet, so we're waiting patiently to see if the Toi et Moi design will take off during the second half of the year.

Our crystal ball told us that yellow gold would see an increase in popularity in 2023, and what a surprise, it hit the nail on the head! Yellow gold has seen a whopping increase of 20% since last year, and we're only half way through. Yellow gold's vintage feel and warm tones make it the perfect pairing for so many gemstones, and we're excited to create more designs in this gorgeous precious metal.

When it came to gemstone shape, we placed our bets on oval and pear cut gems. 2022 saw so many celeb engagement rings with these beautiful shapes, so it wouldn't be surprising to see these trends reflected in our customer's choices. Well, we were half right. In the first half of 2023, we found that round gemstones are still the most popular, with almost 30% of our customers choosing this shape, however their domination over the other shapes has lessened so far this year. Emerald cuts are still in second place with 1 in 5 customers opting for this cut, however oval cuts have seen an increase that pushed them into third place with just under 20%! Swiftly followed by pear cut gemstones creeping towards 15% of our customers gemstone choices, we're hoping to see pear and oval shapes become even more popular by the end of the year. 

Last but not least, our trend prediction for centre stone choice was Emeralds! Having recently introduced two new emerald designs into our collection, we're loving the green and gold combination right now. We expect to see more requests for emeralds and other green gems, and 2023 has already shown us that 1 in 5 of our customers who chose sapphire, opted for gorgeous greens!

Sapphires and salt and pepper diamonds are still the top dogs here at JF HQ, accounting for almost 75% of all engagement ring centre choices. Despite this, we have some relative newcomers encroaching on the sapphire and salt and pepper diamond territory, and we're here for it! Tourmalines and lab grown alexandrites have both increased in popularity by over 5% so far this year, and this might not seem like much, but we're excited to see the underdogs come for the throne!

From Natasha and all the other data nerds at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, we hope you enjoyed delving into our world of gemstones and precious metals!

We'll see you in 2024 for more jewellery predictions and data deep dives!