introducing noelle habib

Meet Noelle Habib Gems. A female founded business, with a matching ethos to ourselves: To bring beauty to the world, not only through physical objects such as jewellery, but also through our connections to one another. 

We met with Noelle on our trip to Tucson, and from then knew we needed to work with her...



After her father’s retirement from his own gemstone business, Noelle felt a huge pull to get back into the industry. First and foremost, she was drawn back because of the people. She spoke about an amazing community of clients, suppliers and colleagues that make the industry so fun and supportive. This resonated with Jessica and her own experiences in the industry. After years of working with her father, Noelle felt he had given a strong enough foundation to pave her own way through this industry. She could shape the business into what SHE wanted. Taking a brief step away from the business and starting a family, Noelle speaks about how this gave her a clearer view on how she wanted to adapt and develop the business to truly appreciate it. 

When speaking with Noelle about the supply chain she explains "This is a hot topic and it is a rather complex and layered issue, especially as it relates to mining of diamonds and gold, areas where the most harm is being done. Thankfully, the majority of coloured gemstones come from artisanal mines, meaning that it is small scale mining with low environmental impact that usually benefits the miner directly."

She works closely with mine owners and dealers across the globe, many of whom her father forged relationships with decades ago. These long standing relationships with reputable sources are built on trust, and it is important to Noelle that she knows the individuals that she sources from and that they align with her feelings about responsible sourcing. 

Noelle also works closely with cutting factories in Thailand and Sri Lanka for custom gem cutting orders. These are companies that she knows well, has visited personally on numerous occasions, and whose operations meet the highest industry standards. 

" helping other women thrive in the industry. "

Jess, Emma and Grace met Noelle at the AGTA Gemstone fair in Tucson. A key importance of this trip was to find suppliers such as Noelle Habib Gems. To find fellow female business women in a crowded male market is a rarity that needs to be changed one woman at a time and we pride ourselves on starting this chain reaction with Noelle. 

She explains how being a woman in a male dominated industry definitely has its challenges, yet she only sees this as an advantage. Helping women thrive is a core part of not only her business, but her life. She is an active member of the WJA, Women’s Jewelry Association and former board member of the Northern California chapter of WJA. Working alongside like minded women, who are committed to supporting other women in the industry is a key element in why we felt a partnership with Noelle was inevitable.

"transforming our clientele’s visions into reality"

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