How to choose matching wedding bands for you and your partner

16th January, 2024
Cherry-Mae Whitehead-Howse

When we finally find our one and only, there can be a lot of little differences that we miss (too busy swooning).

One of the biggest contrasts is often personal style! While you probably think your partner looks amazing in their clothes, it doesn't mean you’d ever want to wear the same thing. And, unless you're planning on sharing jeans to cut down on wardrobe space, that's not usually a problem! Of course it's typical that nothing throws up new and unexpected problems like wedding planning. Tackling the task of finding the perfect wedding ring is no mean feat, so trying to find matching rings that tick all the boxes is likely to leave you needing a lie down in a dark room.

If you're lucky enough to share the same taste, it’ll probably be smooth sailing - but just in case you need a little help, we have curated ten helpful tips to make it all disappear!

1. Let's start with metal

The easiest way to make sure your rings match is by getting two rings in the same metal! This way even if the designs of your wedding rings are completely different there will still be a common thread between them. When looking at rings such as Hadley, our beaded wishbone wedding ring and Quinn, another beaded style, we can see how the matching metals helps to unify them in style!

2. Make sure to match your lifestyle

Often when choosing wedding jewellery, we focus on the look and forget everything else. It makes sense, after all jewellery is an accessory, so one with this much meaning has to look right. It's still crucial to consider what each of you do in your daily lives so you can make the right decision, otherwise it may lead to unhappiness down the road.

If you're a homebody who likes everything cosy, but your partner likes to feel rocks under their feet and spends all of their time outdoors, you'll probably want to consider a more secure design. This means going for a bezel (or rub over) setting if you want a ring with stones in. This way there is less chance of catching a claw or a stone coming loose, and you’ll save yourself some costly repairs later on.

For example, Clementine and Primrose feature five gorgeous gemstones, all neatly but securely set in a rub over setting. Their stones can also be swapped out and they can be made in a different metal so you and your partner can match as much or as little as you wish!

3. Simple designs mean simple choices

Everyone knows the all time classic wedding ring is a plain gold band. It’s this way for good reason. Not only is it the easy option, it's incredibly stylish, gender neutral, and it goes with pretty much anything. If it's one of your top options, it might just be the one to choose.

Our simplest wedding bands can be made in widths ranging 2mm to 8mm and can be crafted from gold, platinum or rose gold, so you're always able to find a version of this classic style to suit you and your partner.

4. Match the detail not the design

If you and your partner are complete opposites in terms of taste, and compromise doesn't look likely, maybe it's time to look for some alternative options. Try matching a part of the ring, or a common detail!

Take our Barnaby and Willoughby for example: darling Barnaby has a sweet secret with his honeycomb interior. Whereas Willoughby wears his heart on his sleeve, with his honeycomb pattern on the outside! It's the same pattern, to fit two different tastes! 

Little details like this can be a lovely way to keep your wedding jewellery connected, while leaving wiggle room for your individual personalities to shine through.

5. Take into account your existing jewellery

If you’re going to wear your wedding ring every day, you want to make sure it goes with everything else you wear, right? Well, you’ve got to make sure these rings match up for both of you.

The most obvious thing to consider is the colour of metal you wear. You don't want to be stuck with yellow gold just because that is what your partner likes. Especially if all you wear is platinum. Remember to include accessories like watches and bracelets when you think about your current jewellery, as they're going to be one of the closest accessories to the ring!

Shape is the second big thing to remember. Unless your engagement ring is wed-fit (the setting is high enough to fit a band underneath), or is flat on the side, you probably won't get a close fit with a straight wedding band. 

One solution here is a shaped-to-fit ring. At JF this service means we make the ring specifically to fit around your engagement ring. So you can both have the same design but just in different shapes!

6. Matching doesn't mean identical

Just remember, your rings do not have to be exactly the same to match! You can get the same design in various colours, or with different touches. Our brother brand Flinn and Steel has this down to a T.

Like with the Howden: it’s available in varying widths from 4.00 mm to 7.00mm, and two different types of gold! There's so much room for customisation that you and your partner can get exactly the wedding ring you want, while still having rings that are clearly a pair.

7. Be prepared to move things around 

If you are both set on having exactly the same ring, it might be time to consider moving your other jewellery around. Many cultures traditionally transfer the engagement ring to the right hand after the wedding, and some people simply stop wearing them on a daily basis! Saving them for special occasions instead.

8. purchase a set

If you both know that you want the same thing, why not purchase a set? That way you can guarantee everything goes as smoothly as possible. You get the same maker, the same design, and half as much hassle through the shopping process. 

Many retailers offer matching wedding ring sets with varying levels of customisation available, including us! So whether you’re looking for alternative metals, or contemporary sparkle, we are sure to have something to suit.

9. Make choices that can change with you

If you know that you like a bit of change in your life, or you need a bit of flexibility, you should choose a ring with this in mind! Choosing a precious metal ring means repairs and resizing will be much easier in the future. It’s the same with any decorative rings.

Consider choosing a ‘half eternity’ design, which leaves a smooth section on the back of the ring. This means if you need to resize your ring over the years, the design won't be ruined!

10. Why not go bespoke?

If you can't find anything out there to suit you both, why not look into getting a unique design custom made for you both? By going bespoke you’ll be able to lay out what you and your partner would like from your rings, and an experienced designer will sort the rest. Best of all: you'll end up with the perfect wedding ring without having to trawl through endless listings.

If you’d like more information about our bespoke design service, contact our team to get the ball rolling!