Mad About Montanas - Sapphires from the US of A

Montana Sapphires have been mined for over 100 years in four main locations in Montana; Rock Creek, Dry Cottonwood Creek, Missouri River and Yogo Gulch. Montana Sapphires were formed 150 to 200 billion years ago deep underground by shifts in pressure and heat and is the only location in the United States where sapphire can be found!

Montana Sapphires are typically collected from river deposits and were originally discarded by gold rush prospectors in 1865 on their hunt for precious metals. It was later realised these rough stones were the first gem-quality sapphires to be found in the United States. 

We love them for their traceability, sustainability and also their gorgeous colours of pastel shades including our much loved teals, smoky greys and soft minty greens.

Montana Sapphires have a truly unique colour, unlike any coloured sapphire across the world. They've been increasingly desirable in the past few years, and we can see why!

Due to the way Montana Sapphires are formed - they're found among sediment in the rivers of Montana - it's incredibly rare to find gem quality sapphires in sizes larger than 1ct. We love gems in all shapes and sizes though and hand pick our gemstones based on their natural beauty, large or small!

Montana Sapphires can be found in traditional cuts such as round, oval and pear shapes, however here at Jessica Flinn we're lovers of the unusual and extraordinary. That's why we love these stunning sapphires in kite, hexagon, shield and freeform shapes too!