introducing: dopamine

Hot off the jeweller's bench, we're delighted to introduce our brand new, extremely exciting, and flippin' fabulous collection; 'Dopamine' by Jessica Flinn. Just like the feel good chemical released by your brain, this collection has been designed to bring pure happiness into your life.

bringin' the vibes

Just in time for summer, these stunning pieces reflect those bright, sunny days we all know and love. Tons of sparkle in the form of mesmerising teals, sultry salt and pepper diamonds, and designs with sass to spare, get ready for a major dopamine rush!

The eagle-eyed Flinn-fanatics out there may have already caught a glimpse of the collection in our behind the scenes footage of our latest photoshoot at Portland Works in Sheffield, featuring beautiful models from the LGBTQIA+ community.

‘Dopamine’ was born from a need to bring those showstopper vibes to our growing ring collection, and what better way to do that than use happiness and joy as our inspiration? We wanted to provide a collection that was a little bit extra, at a range of price points to suit all bank balances. Because everyone deserves to be their fanciest selves!

something old, something new

something sassy, something blue

The collection comprises four brand new designs, as well as plenty of Jessica Flinn OG's that have been given an injection of extra something something. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco and vintage styles, you will find halo designs, sassy solitaires, timeless trilogy and cluster rings, as well as our own spin on the ever popular Toi et Moi ring. 

Featuring mind-blowing teal sapphires and hypnotic salt and pepper diamonds at their heart, we hand picked these gems to be like nothing you've ever seen before. Luscious, vivid blues and greens make these teal sapphires truly special, and the stunning inclusions held in the rose cut facets of the salt and pepper diamonds will take you to a galaxy far, far away. We did not hold back when it came to the Dopamine collection!

hello, miss moissanite

If a bobby-dazzling new collection wasn't enough for you, we took it a step further and decided that the time has come to add a brand new stone to the JF mix.

Dive into the vibrant ocean hues of the one and only.... Teal Moissanite! With a Mohs scale hardness rating of 9.25, this sturdy gemstone comes second only to diamond when it comes to scratch resistance. An ideal choice for an engagement ring, or a 'just because' ring that you want to wear daily.

'Dopamine' has been lovingly imagined, designed and brought to life by our stock design team, and they're over the moon with the final result. We asked them which 'Dopamine' ring has well and truly stolen their hearts:

“Our latest solitaire design, Georgia, is a modern twist on a very classic design. Her Georgian-inspired cut-down setting is detailed with delicate milgrain texture, framing her gorgeous oval teal sapphire centre stone. I just love her sleek talon claws that add that extra sass!” - Emma

“I have always been a huge fan of our Art Deco inspired designs, so when we decided to include Arden in the ‘Dopamine’ collection I was so excited! Her new elongated look and smokey salt and pepper diamond centre stone gives me gothic vibes and I am in love!” - Natasha

dopamine rush incoming...


Oval Cut Teal Sapphire


elongated hexagon salt & pepper


Oval Cut Teal tourmaline


elongated hexagon salt & pepper


octagon cut teal sapphire


octagon cut blue sapphire


pear cut teal sapphire and round brilliant cut lab grown diamond


pear cut teal moissanite and pear cut lab grown diamond


pear cut teal sapphire and pear cut lab grown diamond


emerald cut teal moissanite


radiant cut teal sapphire


round brilliant cut teal sapphire


oval cut teal moissanite


marquise cut teal moissanite


oval cut lab grown diamond


Emerald cut lab grown diamond


round brilliant cut blue diamond


Round brilliant lab grown diamond