Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery Launches World's First CROCS Engagement Ring Charm

Have you joined the Croc-revolution? Crocs are EVERYWHERE, and they’re a bit like Marmite - you either love them, or you hate them. We’ve decided we’re all for them, and for those of you that agree, we have something you’re going to love!

We love a unique proposal here at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, but we’re taking it to the next level. Do you and your partner love the comfort and practicality that Crocs provide? Do you dream of a proposal story that will surprise and enthral your friends and family?

Introducing… the Crocs engagement ring charm! If you live for things that are outside of the box, and let’s be honest, a little bit wacky, why not profess your love with a dazzling decoration for the love of your life’s favourite footwear.

You might be thinking, “how on earth can this be real?” Well, here at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery we do nothing by halves. Our talented CAD designer has created a real, manufacturable model of a Crocs Charm, that can be customised to create your partner’s perfect engagement charm. Set with real diamonds and coloured gemstones in the metal of your choice.

Choose from any gemstone synonymous with Jessica Flinn - teal sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds, tourmalines or lab grown diamonds, and choose which metal suits your partner (or their crocs!) best. We chose to use our signature design April as a glowing example of how your chosen ring/charm design could look! Have a different idea in mind? Create something completely bespoke for your partner’s comfy clogs.

We love pushing the boundaries of jewellery here at JF HQ, and we’re looking for fellow rule-breakers to create something completely unique and brilliantly bonkers!