How To Clean Your Jewellery


It's really important to look after your forever jewellery so it's in tip top condition for the years to come. You'll need to clean your jewellery regularly to keep it looking amazing. 

Make sure you take your ring off for any physical activities and when you're using any harsh chemicals, lotions and potions. 

Normally the first thing you'll notice is a build up underneath your stone settings. This build up makes the diamonds/gemstones look dull and a little sad looking! Soak your ring in some warm water, then you can use a baby tooth brush and some neat washing up liquid to give your ring a little "scrub". Once you've removed the dirt, make sure it's dry and give it a polish with a polish cloth. We really like the brand "Talk Town" - give it a quick google and lots of options will pop up. 

If you think it needs a bit more than the TLC you can give it at home, book in for a service appointment with us. More often than not, we can give your jewellery a good professional clean and polish and bring it up like new again. 

All our rings come with a complimentary clean/polish and where applicable resize.

Get in touch if you have any questions by emailing 

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