From Love to Deuce: Your Guide to Keeping Jewels Off the Tennis Court this Wimbledon Season

Hello, all you dazzling diamonds,

As Wimbledon approaches, we're all gearing up to witness the exciting serve-and-volley battles and the delicate drop shots, not forgetting the delightful tradition of strawberries and cream! With all this action on the horizon, I've been fielding a volley of questions about mixing tennis and jewellery. I'm Jessica Flinn-Allen, here to serve up some clarity on why it's game, set, match for your gems on the tennis court.

The tennis court is a unique arena, a place where agility, power and precision take centre stage. Amidst the rapid-fire rallies and smashing serves, the charm of your sparkle can quickly turn into a double fault. So, I'm calling out to all my jewellery-lovers for a 'no-jewellery rule' on the tennis court.

Serving Safety Over Sparkle

Just like the strawberries need their cream, a tennis player needs their safety. Jewellery, although a beautiful accessory, can become an unforced error in this swift game. Rings can get caught, necklaces could create a net of problems, and earrings might just dropshot out of place.

Stay in the Advantage With Undivided Focus

A tennis match is no place for a jewellery jingle. The rattle of a bracelet or a swing of a necklace can disrupt your concentration. So, don't let your bling become a backspin on your focus.

Preserve Your Grand Slams

Your precious jewellery pieces are not designed to endure the conditions of a Centre Court match. The sweat, heat, and dust are like the relentless baseline rallies that can wear your gems down.

Sunscreen, Lotions and Jewellery - A Faulty Match

Like strawberries and cream, some things are perfect together. But sunscreen, lotions, and jewellery are not that pairing. These substances can adhere to your jewels and over time, may damage your treasures.

Following the Code of the Court

Some clubs and tournaments, perhaps even Wimbledon, may have strict rules against visible jewellery. Don't risk a code violation, keep your courtside look streamlined and minimalistic.

Game, Set, Match - Comfort and Functionality

In tennis, it's essential to bring your best form to the court. Opt for outfits that promote agility and performance. After all, comfort and functionality are the winning combination.

Time to Shine: Post-Match Glamour

Save your grand slam moment for after the match. That's the perfect time to put your jewellery back on, just like the crowning of the Wimbledon champion. Bask in the afterglow of the game, and let your gems shine off the court!

As Wimbledon unfolds, remember to enjoy the sport, the tradition, and the style it brings with it. Your jewels may be off the court but they can still be part of the celebration. If you need any advice about jewellery care or post-match glamour, I'm here to help.

So, here's to a fantastic Wimbledon season. May your love for the game be as sweet as strawberries and cream!

Keep sparkling,