Finding the Perfect Gemstone for Your Tourmaline Engagement Ring

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Every happily ever after starts with ‘YES!’, and while we adore all the proposal photos there is a whole story worth telling before your stunning ring reaches your finger! 

From setting to sourcing, every element of your ring comes from somewhere. Whether it’s a bespoke engagement ring designed for you, or a ready to ship design, every ring starts the same way! With one shiny stone. 

Tourmaline Engagement Rings

The shiny stones in the spotlight today are tourmalines! As part of our gemstone journey through Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and India, we met with some of our best suppliers to find out a bit more about their setup. And of course, to find some fantastic stones to bring home for you! 

What is a Tourmaline?

Tourmalines are an up and coming gem in the jewellery industry right now. With a depth of colour comparable to sapphires (and usually a lower price point) there’s no surprise that it's one of the most requested stones of 2024 so far! They’re part of the borosilicate family, and you can learn all about them in our Tourmaline Guide

Tourmalines From the Source

Knowing where our stones come from is a big part of our ethical pledge, and it’s a lot easier to do that when you’ve been to the source! 

In Jaipur, we were lucky enough to witness some stones being chosen, cut, and polished! Our supplier does everything in-house, rather than using a separate lapidary (gemstone cutting house). This means we can order custom cuts, some of which will be available for you shortly as stunning ready to ship tourmaline engagement rings

How We Choose Our Tourmalines

A lot goes into picking out a stone, you have to consider every element before you make your decision! For our tourmaline engagement rings, we have very particular criteria. If it doesn't tick all our boxes, it doesn't come home with us. You can see the stones that did make the cut in our loose gemstone collection.

What We Look for in a Tourmaline Gemstone

Luckily, we have a skilled team who are trained to assess each aspect of your tourmaline, whatever your dream ring happens to be!

“We look for a beautiful depth of colour, whether it’s a deep green, a pale mint, or a watermelon tourmaline with both green and pink hues! We also make sure the stones are eye-clean, and are well-cut, like our optix cut tourmalines, which bring a kaleidoscopic effect to the stone.”

- Olivia, Sales Team Leader

Tourmaline Colours 

Tourmalines are one of the most versatile stones when it comes to their colours! Not only is there a tourmaline out there in basically every hue, bi-colour tourmalines are much easier to get hold of than a multi-colour sapphire! They're also one of the most budget friendly stones. We did the comparison legwork for you in Battle of the Blues: Sapphire VS Tourmaline if you're undecided!

The tourmaline colour taking the world by storm at the moment is pink (it feels like our time has come). If you want to check out our existing pink engagement rings, you can shop our Barbie collection, or take a peek at our tourmaline engagement rings for some extra pink perfection. And don't worry if you can’t see the shade you're looking for, you can contact us about the bespoke ring design package, and we will source that deep berry pink tourmaline you’ve been waiting for. 

Designing Your Tourmaline Engagement Ring

We always have tourmaline engagement rings on offer, but if you’ve been dreaming of a special tourmaline, we want to bring it to life! Just book an appointment with our expert team, and they’ll help you talk through all of your ideas.

If you’d like to check out some of the other fabulous stones from our gemstone journey, you can read about Designing Our Dream Salt and Pepper Engagement Rings. Or the creation of our beautiful sapphire & salt and pepper Juno in Creating a Sapphire and Salt and Pepper Diamond Toi et Moi Ring.

Book an Appointment

Still searching for your dream ring? We can help make that dream a reality with our custom and bespoke services. You can customise one of our existing designs, swapping out gemstones for ones that speak to you or changing the metal type. Or with our bespoke service, you're able create a ring that is completely unique to you. So whether you want a custom engagement ring or a bespoke engagement ring, at Jessica Flinn we have you covered. Book an appointment to begin the process and create your dream ring.