5th February, 2024
Cherry-Mae Whitehead-Howse

We don't like to play favourites, but let's just say in our eyes this stone is so perfect she could have fallen from heaven. Oh wait… it did?!

When we talk about a breathtaking bombshell, normally it does not involve an actual explosion. But when moissanite entered the earth at the centre of a flaming meteorite, she definitely deserved a few fireworks. With an impact like that, it's no wonder more and more moissanite rings are appearing. It looks like 2024 might be moissanite’s year. 

Who's that girl?

You haven't heard of her? Well, after landing Moissanite was a bit shy for the next fifty thousand years. So shy in fact that many scientists didn't believe she existed, even many years after she was officially discovered by a french chemist. Chameleon moissanite even fooled him for a while, her seductive shimmer convincing him that she was a diamond! 

Many years later Henri Moissan eventually realised that what he had found in the Arizona desert was not in fact a ton of diamonds, but something completely new. He did get a nobel prize for the discovery though, so it wasn’t such a bad swap. Unsurprisingly, as moissanite is often used as an alternative to diamond, this mixup is super common!  

And this is where her legend begins! Moissanite is known for her stunning luminescence and fire, but is still not actually classed as a precious stone. She is often overlooked when she's next to the outgoing diva, Diamond. Sparking an ongoing moissanite VS Diamond debate. 

Sparkly secrets

You want to know a secret though? Moissanite is actually much rarer than Diamonds! So much rarer in fact, that the majority of moissanites out there are lab grown because finding the natural ones is so tricky! 

Despite this, both earth grown and lab grown moissanites still come out cheaper than their Diamond counterparts. And as moissanites are becoming the go-to alternative to diamonds (sorry not sorry CZ’s) you're getting way more bang for your buck. Or sparkle for your buck in this case: as moissanite has a higher refractive index (what gives a stone its sparkle) than diamond. 

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The meaning of moissanite

As moissanite is a relatively new gemstone, there aren't as many stories associated with this particular brand of rocky magic. Moissanite doesn't mind being the new kid on the block though, and has quickly established herself as a symbol of luck and prosperity. She's the perfect talisman to adorn your finger!

The meaning of moissanite

Like many other stones, Moissanite comes in a magical array of colours. You basically get a walk-in-wardrobe’s worth of options with this gem, (we would totally have one for every day of the week…month…year…) so she’s the perfect choice for jewellery!

Our favourite is of course, Teal! 

Moissanite engagement rings are definitely on the up, and we have an abundance of designs dedicated to these decadent hues. Cordelia is our little queen of the collection, and she is definitely fit for royalty. She features an emerald cut teal moissanite at her heart, and is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Although OG Cordelia has recently left us to join her forever-finger, she’s still available as a made-to-order darling… just in case you need to drop a hint to that special someone.

If you're looking for something even more extraordinary (if that is even possible), our lovely Daisy is our little star, inspired by a real star! She’s part of our fab T.S collection, designed by our in-house genius Charlotte.

Daisy features a heavenly hexagon cut blue moissanite at her centre, with a luxurious 22 diamonds to surround her. Daisy is also made-to-order, and if you have a different vision for our pop-star, you can get in touch with our lovely team about giving your daisy that custom touch.