Emeralds are a rare, beautiful and gloriously green gemstone. We’re asked almost weekly if we work with this striking gemstone, and we do - we love to. But not without telling customers a few important facts about Emeralds first. 

Emeralds are part of the Beryl family 

You may know their siblings, Morganite and Aquamarine. They’re all formed from the same family of minerals, and have a unique ‘vitreous lustre’, which means they have a lustre similar to glass. 




They’re relatively brittle 

It’s commonly known that Morganites are a softer gemstone, you can read more about that here. Emeralds have similar characteristics, and they’re known for being brittle. If you’re planning on choosing an Emerald for everyday wear, this means that it is prone to knocks and scratches. We say that they can be worn daily, but they must be worn with care.

90% of emeralds have inclusions

Inclusions are tiny imperfections which can be found within the gemstone. They range from veins to small bubbles under the surface - in Emeralds, their inclusions are often referred to as a 'Jardin', the French word for garden. When it comes to salt and pepper diamonds, these inclusions are celebrated, giving the diamond it’s own personality. In Emeralds however, whilst they make each stone unique - they should be observed with caution. Inclusions close to the surface of the stone could force it to crack or become damaged later on down the line - so they should be inspected carefully. 


At Jessica Flinn, the Ultrasonic Machine is our best friend. It’s how we clean rings between use to ensure they are free from oils (usually from hand creams and hand sanitizers) and dirt. However, the Ultrasonic Cleaner cannot be used with Emeralds as it could cause them to crack. Instead you should use oil to wipe away dirt, and gently clean with a soft child’s toothbrush in lukewarm water. Emeralds also don’t respond well to lotions, potions and chemicals, so any Emerald rings would need to be removed for showering and cleaning etc. 


If you’re seeking a forever ring to wear every day are your concerned about damaging your ring, we always recommend diamonds and sapphires. Diamonds are 10 at the top of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, followed by Sapphires at 9, in contrast to Emeralds at 7.5. They're stronger, much easier to clean and less likely to be impacted by lotions and potions. Here are some of our designs featuring green sapphires and diamonds. 

**The below products have sold out, but can be made to order with a green sapphire or diamond of your choice**

I'd really like an emerald ring

For some, an Emerald is the only option. Afterall, it is the height of Art Deco luxury, and was Cleopatra's favourite gemstone. Although we don't hold Emerald engagement rings in our ready to ship collection, we can work with you to create a bespoke ring. Due to the brittle nature of the stone, we will make suggestions to ensure your ring is designed to protect the Emerald as much as possible. This includes nestling between diamond side stones, opting for a bezel setting, or surrounding with a white diamond halo. Here are just some of the designs you might like to take a look at first.


If you're ready to create your forever ring, or if you need help choosing from our existing collection, our design team is here to help. Simply click the link below to book a virtual appointment with our Head of Showroom, Grace, or email ruby@jessicaflinn.co.uk.