Designing Our Dream Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings 

Vintage engagement ring

As part of our gemstone journey, we visited our long-time salt and pepper diamond suppliers in Surat, India. We brought back so many stones.

Do you know what happens when hundreds of sparkling gems arrive in a building full of jewellery-obsessed people? It is a bit like a whirlwind, and obviously we all start picking out our favourite stones and imagining which design we would choose! 

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Before we get to the fun bit, what does salt and pepper diamond actually mean? S&P’s are earth grown diamonds which have varying levels of inclusions, creating amazing effects! You can learn all about where they come from in our Salt and Pepper Diamond guide. 

They’re a clear favourite here at JF. With their swirling internal storms and endless personality, they're the ideal gemstone pick for anyone who wants to add some individuality to their jewellery. We make tonnes of salt and pepper diamond engagement rings and wedding rings every year, and while there are always some ready to ship rings available, it’s always worth the wait if you’d like to go bespoke! But then again, no two salt and pepper diamonds are alike, so you’re sure to get a one-off piece whatever route you choose!

Choosing Our Perfect Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Of course we love the stones, but what about the ring?

Here’s what happens when you give our team free reign to design their dream salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. At the time of writing, all of these stones are available for you in our selection of loose gemstones! So if you see a combo you like the look of, you can contact us to make it a reality! 

From bespoke rings to custom stone swaps, our team loves a minimal and a maximal moment. Any of these designs can be made in any colour 100% recycled gold, or platinum.

Ruby - 0.40ct Hexagon Cut Pale Salt and Pepper Diamond in Yellow Gold Arden 

Our Digital Assets and Organisational Manager, Ruby, is known for her exceptional taste, so it makes sense she would choose an absolute classic for her ideal design. 

Pairing this delicately dusted salt and pepper diamond with the warmth of yellow gold makes for a precious combination. As this diamond is a decidedly dainty stone, measuring only 5.6 x 3.8, Ruby would take the bespoke route to create a petite version of our stunning Arden engagement ring! 

Megan - 0.39ct Pear Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond in White Gold Tilly Pear 

Tilly is one of our newest and sweetest designs, released as part of our Dainty Deco drop! Each of these rings have been designed to have the maximum style without the maximum budget, but that doesn't mean you can't upgrade Tilly to suit you! 

This upgrade for Megan comes in the form of a stunning speckled salt and pepper diamond pear. With a unique inclusion pattern this pear cut diamond has a vignette effect, giving a moody Victorian vibe to this fan detail Art Deco engagement ring. And because this is popping a different stone into one of our existing designs, this is classed as a custom option, and is way more affordable than you’d expect - in fact the majority of the rings we create here at JF are from custom enquiries! 

Contact us about making Tilly your own, or shop the Dainty Deco collection! 

Cherry-Mae - 1.06ct Elongated Hexagon Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond in Yellow Gold Bespoke Bezel Set Solitaire 

If you’ve fallen for a salt and pepper diamond but can’t imagine it in one of our existing designs, you can go bespoke! Take elements from the designs you like, like the perfect bezel setting on our darling Lola, and we will make it happen!

“I’ve always been a cluster or halo engagement ring kind of gal, but when you’ve got a diamond this beautiful, you really don't need anything extra! At 10mm x 5mm this stone is MASSIVE, so it's a statement piece that might overwhelm someone with petite hands. Luckily I have a size Q ring finger, so it will look a bit more natural on me, but it’s still more than big enough to maintain its shock value. A bezel or rubover setting in yellow gold will really soften the edges, and by going bespoke I can ask for it to be wed fit, so I can stack it with a straight vintage style wedding ring!

- Cherry-Mae

Jessie - 1.35ct Round Brilliant Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond in Yellow Gold Juliet

Creative Brand Lead, Jessie, spent weeks working hard on our Botanicals Collection. So it’s no surprise that one of those stunning Art Nouveau designs is her pick! 

Juliet is one of our most popular engagement ring designs, and she is the queen of delicate floral design. But maybe this delicate darling needs an edge? Pairing her with this 1.35ct round brilliant cut salt and pepper diamond is just what Juliet needs to take her to the next level. This stormy addition takes her from vintage vibe to contemporary chic! 

Amy - Round Brilliant Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond in Platinum Juno

Our fab COO, Amy, definitely got a head start here, and picked out not just one but two amazing stones from our gemstone journey across Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and India

With two such stunning gems, there was really only one design that could do this sapphire and salt and pepper diamond justice: Juno. She’s our Toi et Moi ring that comes in a thousand colours and shapes, but Amy’s Juno is the first salt and pepper diamond version! 

Not only has Amy found her own dream salt and pepper diamond ring and made it happen, she’s making it happen for you, too! You can now recreate this design with the help of our team. 

“I didn’t decide I wanted a Juno until I fell in love with the salt and pepper diamond! I hadn’t really thought too much about how I wanted to set the teal sapphire, but when I saw the salt and pepper diamond, I knew they would work beautifully together! I loved it because it was the perfect amount of sparkle - it has a really nice mix of salt vs pepper and has a real galaxy look.”

- Amy

Designing Your Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring

Now it’s your turn! If you’ve fallen in love with one of our ideas, or if you’ve got one of your own, you can contact us to make it a reality! If you don't have time for something bespoke, you can shop our ready to ship salt and pepper engagement rings, or book an appointment to see the rings in person.

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