Calling all best men and maids of honour - our top wedding speech tips

We're experts in unique wedding rings, but after so many years in the wedding industry we've heard some great wedding speech anecdotes! The prospect of standing up in front of a wedding party and making a speech can be a little bit daunting. Here are our top tips for what to think about when writing and delivering your speech!

1. don't overthink it - enjoy it!

If you’ve been asked to make a speech at the wedding, the likelihood is you know the bride(s) and/or groom(s) pretty well! Speak from your heart, or your funny bone, and you can’t really go wrong.

2. Mix & match your stories

If you’re going to tell anecdotal stories about the newlyweds, make sure you include a good mix. Nobody wants to hear all soppy stories, or think they’re at a comedy show. 

3. Think about who will hear your speech

Think about your audience - if great grandma is sat intently listening, you don’t want to tell every NSFW story about what you got up to on the stag or hen do! And if you’re giving your speech at a child friendly wedding, remember not to swear like a sailor, even if you’re a few drinks in!

3. do a goldilocks

Be sure not to make your speech too long, or too short, but just right. Too short and it won’t feel well thought out, and too long and the other guests might be nodding off in their seats!

5. Break  the ice

Making a speech in front of a wedding party can be pretty daunting, and it’s totally normal to feel the nerves! Just remember, the newlyweds picked you because you mean a lot to them, not to put you under pressure. Break the ice with a terrible dad joke or a silly in-joke to loosen up!