Can I propose to someone without a ring?

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a couple getting engaged. I'm sure the fairytale image of a man, down on one knee with a ring proposing to a lady pops into your head. Surprise engagements like that, of course, are romantic, but today proposals happen in lots of different ways. 


Can I propose to someone without a ring?

The short answer is, yes absolutely! Proposing without a ring is no longer a faux pas and is actually more common than you might think. You may wish to give your partner the opportunity to design or choose their own ring. Or you might want a set of engagement rings - one each. It's also increasingly more common for the men to have an engagement ring too. Or perhaps you want to get engaged whilst travelling or on holiday but don't want to take the real deal ring in your backpack - proposing without a ring could be the perfect option for you. 

Another reason you may want to propose without the forever ring is when you don't know their ring size. You could have the ring designed and bring your fiancee in to meet your designer and then their ring size can be accurately measured.

"I booked an appointment with Jessica Flinn on our 5th anniversary. I popped the question at home that morning, and we came to speak to Jessica about Alex's ring design later that morning" - Daniel S

Should I use a temporary engagement ring? 

You may want to use a "placeholder ring". Although this doesn't sound very romantic, it 100% can be. A placeholder ring is a simple ring which your fiancee to be can wear on their finger. After all, it's lovely to be able to put something on their ring finger in the moment, even if it isn't the forever ring. 

Some jewellers sell miniature engagement ring necklaces which your fiancee can wear and keep and others offer a proposal in a box kit. We offer a "no ring proposal kit" which you can use to propose with and keep as a keepsake after to treasure. 

What is a "No Ring Proposal Kit"? 

Our "No Ring Proposal Kit" comes in a beautiful folder, which contains a "Will you marry me?" appointment card. This has the time and date for your ring design consultation. Having the appointment lined up shows you've put some serious thought into the proposal and have researched jewellery designers and where you want the ring made. 


Optional extras which we can add to your "No ring proposal kit" are below:

1. A design concept sketch - a simple sketch or line drawing which shows the style of the ring we have designed for you. 

2. CAD-rendered design images - these are life-like images which I can create for you which show what your ring will look like before it is made. 

3. A gemstone or diamond with a certificate - why not purchase the gemstone or diamond you wish to use in your forever ring. We have a specialist stone selecting service where you can choose your diamond or gemstone. 

4. 3D Print of your ring design - your partner can try on the 3D printed model and get a feel for the size and shape of the ring design before it is made. 


However you choose to propose, whether that's with a ring or without, we are sure it will be totally magical. If you do decide to propose without the dream engagement ring please get in touch to talk to us about designing and making a ring for you. Or drop us an email and we can get your "No ring proposal kit" ready for when the time comes! 

Written by Jessica