Working Out Your Ring Size With An At Home Ring Sizer

Working out your ring size...

Here are my top tips for working out your ring size when using an at home ring sizer.

  1. Make sure your body is a nice temperature. If your hands are hot or too cold this can affect your measurement.

  2. The best time of day is midday as your hands can change size across the day and are generally larger in the evening.

  3. Some clients have larger knuckles than the fleshy section of their fingers. If this is a case you want to aim for a ring size which is a negotiation over the knuckle but sits comfortably on the flesh section of the finger.

  4. If you don't have a larger knuckle than fleshy section you might want to choose a more snug feeling ring size as you don't have the knuckle to act as a barrier for the ring.

  5. As a general rule I recommend ring sizes where the ring sizer feels like it goes "easy on and slightly harder to get off".

  6. How tight you want it to be is personal preference, but you don't want the flesh to bulge either side of the ring - that's too tight.

  7. Clients often push the ring up from behind the finger to see how much space there is between the ring and finger, but this technique doesn't help us determine if the size is right.

  8. Normally wider rings feel tighter on the finger than slimmer rings. I encourage clients to pick a looser feeling ring size when using a slim ring sizer when they have a wider ring.

  9. The best way to get an accurate ring size is to have an appointment and sit down with a jeweller. If you're unsure of the size you want, email to book an appointment.

  10. Although most customers get their ring size correct when sizing at home - please be aware that if you size it incorrectly and need it changing at a later date this would be at your expense. Most rings can be re-sized more than once but some rings (such as shoulder set rings) are more tricky to resize.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!